Signs of Pregnancy

Signs of pregnancy

If you are trying for baby you could be looking for some of these signs before your period is due, or it could be an unexpected surprise and one of these signs could make you think oooooo…


Feeling queasy or being sick

For some women, pregnancy brings nausea and sickness. It could be caused by low blood sugar and having an empty stomach, which is why it could happen more in the mornings. It can also be caused by tiredness, which could be why some women feel sick again in the evening.

What’s going to help: small snacks like a biscuit, some toast or a banana when the sickness strikes whether it is in the morning or at night. Some women also find that a cuppa helps.


Smell & taste

Strong smells and tastes can make you feel sick – certain foods, coffee, cigarette smoke, perfume, exhaust fumes

What’s going to help: some women can’t cook for a few weeks because the smell makes them feel sick, switch perfume or if it’s someone else’s perfume use a scarf to wrap around your nose and mouth – just pretend you have a cold! The scarf also helps if exhaust fumes make you feel sick.



Some women say they feel light-headed, which could be connected to nausea, tiredness and any headaches.

What’s going to help: Listen to your body – eat, rest, have a drink, sit down and wait for it to pass. If you are concerned, see your GP



There are huge changes taking place in your body, so it is not surprising that women talk about being exhausted. And it’s often an all-consuming, completely draining tiredness which you have probably never experienced before

What’s going to help: Don’t fight it – sleep and rest when you can with early nights with lie-ins and daytime naps when possible. Eat well and drink plenty of water too.


Tender boobs

Your breasts can also feel heavy and you may also notice more blood vessels and your nipples may start to darken.


The need to wee more often

Due to the huge changes in your hormones and greater blood volume in your body as it alters to house and grow a baby, your kidneys are working harder and you may need to go to the loo more often.



You might just feel different as instinct kicks in, some women know they are pregnant before they pee on a stick. And you might feel emotionally volatile too. Of course, this can happen when your period is due and, if you are also experiencing some cramping, maybe even some spots of blood, you could be wondering if your period is going to make an appearance. For some women, taking a pregnancy test will confirm their expectant mother status and ease anxieties, while for others those anxieties for remain for a few weeks.


What next…

Take a pregnancy test or three

Book in with your midwife

If you feel unwell or you experience pain or bleeding, seek some medical support

Listen to your body and let it do what it needs to do – rest, eat, sleep, cry and eat some more


More information:

Pregnancy & Childbirth by Sheila Kitzinger

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