5-8 year olds – development

They may be able to…

  • use the slide and the swings
  • climb
  • skip
  • swim
  • ride a bike
  • ride a scooter
  • jump over things
  • catch and throw
  • construct and build
  • draw and paint
  • thread and sew

They may be aware of…

  • time, weight, measurement
  • meaning of words
  • responsibility
  • reassurance
  • negotiation
  • the news
  • explanations and reasons
  • control of feelings
  • taking turns
  • the concept of ‘fair’
  • rules (from age 7)
  • difference between right and wrong (from age 7)

They may enjoy…

  • being active
  • writing – alphabet and then words
  • more detailed drawings
  • constructing
  • getting dressed on their own
  • pretend play
  • reading
  • interacting with other children and adults
  • using and showing new skills

Things to try…

games with rules

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