A Holby City birth

Just in case you are expecting your first baby and you saw Holby City’s hideous birth last night – please don’t run straight for a section, it was a ridiculous, sloppy and uneducated portrayal of childbirth.

Giving birth is bloody hard work and it can be tough going but rarely do women experience one contraction, declare it unmanageable and demand pain relief – and then get it!  In 5 minutes Holby City managed to portray pregnant/labouring women to be weak, to be ill-informed and labour was shown to be hideous, tortuous and in need of medics to swoop in and save the day. The character was a woman having her fourth baby, with a history of fast births without pain relief.

I know it’s just a tv drama but a little work to get some accuracy would make a pleasant change. I bet the researchers are asked to get the details right for the surgeries and treatments Holby City portrays so why is labour left to look like a dangerous pantomime?

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