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Congratulations on your pregnancy!
I’m here to help get you prepared for labour, birth and meeting your baby…

I started working with parents in 2002, when I began my training as an antenatal teacher. Since then I have completed additional training and a lot of experience so I can work with parents beyond pregnancy. I am a specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting, meeting very different needs for information, support and reassurance.

My expertise means I can provide you with the knowledge, skills, support and reassurance you need. I work with expectant parents who just want straight-forward information and I work with parents who are anxious or who have specific needs for information and support because of a previous birth experience or due to a medical need. Here’s some feedback from parents.

I provide a range of antenatal classes and sessions…

Pregnancy Support – a private session to talk through…
anxiety & concerns | birth debrief | pregnancy after loss

The Antenatal Course – a small group course to prepare you for…
everything from early labour to meeting your baby | 4 sessions | ideal for first-time parents

The Birth Class – a small group session to help you…
focus on labour & birth | ideal for first & second-time parents

The Breathing Class – a relax & breathe for birth workshop to help you…
be calmer | have more control | ease any anxiety or panic | work with your contractions

Birth Consultations – private sessions to focus on your needs…
labour and birth | birth after loss | birth debrief | induction | caesarean | life with your baby |birth peptalk

Here’s some reasons to book and some client feedback. There’s also some exclusive discounts.
If you are pregnant and getting ready for the birth of your baby and you want to know how I can help you, just get in touch…
Janine x
a specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting

antenatal classes, birth preparation, north shields, Whitley Bay, Tynemouth, Tyneside, Newcastle, Gateshead

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As an experienced and qualified practitioner, I specialise in pregnancy, birth and parent support - my aim is to listen, inform, support and reassure when needed. I have worked with parents since 2002 and I set up Birth, Baby & Family in 2011 to provide good information, different voices and links to the best products and services for families.

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