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Your newborn baby

Will use her senses to explore the world around her




New babies are near sighted so your new baby will be able to focus best on things which are about 10 inches from their face.

New babies are designed to be held close so they can focus on a face for reassurance and to feel safe.


Your baby will like:

People’s faces and eye contact

Bright colours and patterns

The contrast of light and dark



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Unborn babies can hear from about the 25th week of pregnancy

New babies can distinguish between different voices and they can tell which direction a sound is coming from.


Your baby will like:

Your voice
Being softly spoken to




New babies are very sensitive to touch.


Your baby will like:

To be held close,

To be comforted and rocked

Having his skin stroked

Soft fabric

Skin to skin cuddles


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Your baby is born with a full set of taste buds, 
which need to develop.


Your baby will like:

Sweetness – which is why breastmilk is sweet

The different tastes in breastmilk, which is affected by your diet.




New babies are sensitive to the smell of their mum and her breastmilk.


Your baby will like:

You to be close

Sweet, pleasant smells



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What does your new baby need?

Lots of physical contact, eye contact, being softly spoken to

Food on demand

To be comforted when he needs it

To feel safe

Gentle stimulation and the opportunity to have a kick 
and to move on a floor mat




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By Janine Rudin, Birth & Baby

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