Baby Massage in 2017

Baby Massage is a really popular course at the Birth, Baby & Family Centre and from January there will be a couple of options…




Baby Massage with tea, cake, chat, reassurance for all things baby.
These are informal sessions for mums to learn baby massage techniques in a friendly, comfortable space. I run small groups so you can also sit back with a hot cuppa, chat and ask any questions about life with your new baby.

Course dates and to book




This is Baby Massage with a twist – I’m combining this with Relax & Breathe so you and your baby can also enjoy sensory lights, relaxing music and you can also learn some really simple relaxation techniques which can help you and your baby.

Course dates and to book


There is also a Let Me Test It Out On You With Tea And Cake Group running on December 15th

£5 | 1-2.30pm



The Benefits

  • You will learn baby massage techniques which will help to soothe and settle your baby but these sessions are also aimed at relaxing you.
  • As a specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting, I am experienced in working with parents so I can provide support, reassurance and good information about all things baby.
  • These sessions take place in the Birth, Baby & Family Centre, which has been set up as a welcoming, friendly and safe place for parents to be looked after, supported and listened to.
  • I run small groups so the sessions are welcoming and not intimidating.
  • The sessions are 90 minutes long so there is no rush to massage your baby – so you can feed and cuddle and go at your baby’s pace.


If you have any queries, just send me a message…


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