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Baby Yoga perfectly compliments baby massage and expands the benefits of touch with those of movement and relaxation. It also helps to teach your baby the perfect balance between being active and resting. This Baby Yoga class is also a great way to get active again with a new baby.

Our Baby Yoga courses are 6 weeks long and during the course you will learn different safe holds and swings for babies, how to lift your baby for ease of back muscles, gentle movements for babies and also gentle exercises to help you tone  your core and pelvic floor muscles.

Classes are relaxed and welcoming to all and are normally sized between 5-10 families. Baby Yoga is suitable for babies aged from 8 weeks old.


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The benefits can include:

Increase bond between parent and baby
Increase social interaction between parent and baby and also baby to baby
Increase and improve sleep patterns
Help to relieve the symptoms of colic and constipation
Help to strengthen babies and parents muscles
Stimulate the nervous system through touch movement and rhymes


Classes run on…

Saturdays: 11am-12 at Shiremoor Library 

This is not just a one-off course, you and your baby will benefit from weekly yoga sessions so this can be a regular activity for you and your baby/toddler…

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About Stacey

I am a mother to 2 gorgeous children and when I was on maternity leave with my daughter I decided to train as a Baby Yoga Teacher and an Infant Massage Instructor. Having attended these classes myself I wanted to experience sharing these great baby classes with other families. I also possess a wealth of knowledge about  child development after working within Early Years for 7 years and keeping myself up to date with new practices and principles.

I am very passionate about Much Loving Touch and the classes it provides for new parents, I love to empower both Mums and Dads and I always welcome the Man in every babies life to all classes.

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