Babyloss Awareness Week

Today is the start of Babyloss Awareness Week – an important week to remember the babies who have died and the parents who are grieving because there are a lot of us. Since my baby son died in 2007 I have been humbled by the experiences of the grieving parents I have met and worked with, we all grieve differently, we all find what works for us to deal with each day and to handle our pain.

Over the next week I will be sharing people’s very different stories and experiences as well as focusing on how you can find ways to cope if you are grieving and how you can offer support if someone close to you is grieving.

Losing their baby is every parent’s fear, their nightmare but it happens everyday – SANDS estimate that 16 babies die each day in pregnancy or shortly after birth and on top of that there are all the babies who are lost due to miscarriage. Losing a baby causes grief and trauma, it is stressful, it is desperate and parents are often left broken afterwards because we will never forget our children.

I have shared my story in Standard Issue Magazine – like every other grieving, my experience of losing a baby has been traumatic, not being able to watch your child grow and missing them everyday is exhausting but we keep going. I have channelled my energies into work, I launched the Birth & Baby Network when I was struggling, when my girls were at school and I had to fill my days. I worked throughout my grief, I have continued to work with parents and now I am able to provide more support with the Birth & Baby Family Centre. Out of my grief has come a lot of good and I thank my boy for that everyday because that is his legacy.

Jamie 038

Jamie Smith
9-12 July, 2007


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