5 years old

  • a longer attention span
  • becoming an expert on favourite things
  • communicating well
  • making more decisions about food, clothes and play
  • can tired and emotional at times


6 years old

  • tantrums
  • seeks praise and reassurance
  • doesn’t like being away from you
  • doesn’t like criticism or getting things wrong


7 years old

  • complaining
  • can be dramatic
  • more aware of feelings
  • aware of what other people think


8 years old

  • can be sensitive
  • fighting with you
  • starting to experience differences with friends
  • aware of right and wrong


9 years old

  • friends become important
  • closer friends
  • pushes back against you
  • can show disrespect and being selfishness


10-12 years old

  • promises are important
  • they remember everything

what they might need…

  • play
  • time with you
  • time to talk about their day and how they feel
  • listen to them
  • simple rules and clear boundaries as they get older
  • praise, encouragement and positivity
  • allow them some time and space to be independent

what you might you need…

  • to avoid arguments – pick your battles
  • be consistent especially withroutine, boundaries and discipline
  • allow them to push against you – they may be testing boundaries
  • give yourself a break when you need it
  • try to communicate with each other