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I know I offer something unique – with all of my sessions it is not just a case of turn up, learn some stuff and off you go!

Expectant and new parents benefit from my small groups so the sessions are informal and friendly, giving them the chance to chat and ask all the questions they need to feel more reassured and supported.

I am also available for parents after the courses have finished, providing ongoing support if it is needed – whether this is with feeding, practical help so mum can get more sleep, or just ongoing support with questions about baby development, weaning and the changing challenges of parenthood.

I recently asked clients for feedback about the sessions they attended and the benefit of having that experience, the words I received back are beautiful and it validates why I love my job – I do it because I love it and being able to offer support to parents at an exciting time in their lives, when the learning curve can be steep is definitely my vocation.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say…

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Janine’s classes should come with a strong warning – “attendance may lead to an unhealthy dependency on the course leader” 😉 In all seriousness, I couldn’t have done the whole pregnancy-labour-new mum experience without the support and knowledge that I gained from Janine’s classes. I made some wonderful friends that I will keep in touch with forever and can’t begin to thank Janine for the environment she created for us- allowing us to be brutally honest, emotional and comfortable, sharing our feelings without feeling judged or under pressure to be the perfect mummy. I am slowly trying to reduce my dependency on Janine by limiting my attendance at her drop in sessions (which too are so handy and helpful) however, should she introduce new courses I will be first to put my name down!! Thank you Janine for everything.


Janine provides outstanding ante- and post-natal support for mums and dads. She is able to provide accurate information and support to empower parents (and parents to be) to make the choices that are right for them. She shares her own experiences without suggesting that her way is the best (or only) way. She creates groups that are genuinely friendly and supportive. Janine has supported me through two pregnancies and births and is supporting me through a third. Four years on, our first ante natal group is still in close contact. Of all the baby ‘essentials’ you are told you must buy, the only truly essential one is being prepared. A good ante natal class (and then post natal group afterwards) is absolutely necessary; Janine really is the best.

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It’s actually quite difficult to sum up in just a few words how fantastic all the support and advice is that Janine provides. I first met Janine on one of her antenatal classes with my first baby which was a fantastic help during my labour and I was really pleased to find her again after the birth of my second baby doing lots more mummy and baby related classes. I would say the baby massage techniques I took from the classes were a bonus to the lovely chats, advice and support I had during the course. The sessions provided me with valuable one to one time with my second baby in a wonderful home from home atmosphere in front of a fire with other lovely mummies. Even with your second baby you still need support and advice! I will certainly be coming along to Janine’s drop in sessions!


I should also add that one of the most important things about Janine’s antenatal class for me was that it was small and informal and I made friends for life with the girls on my course we met every week after the course ended and still do- all 5 of us now have a second baby too!

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If you’re pregnant for the first time or a first time mother, having someone like Janine on your team is just great. Her knowledge of pregnancy, birth and parenthood is superb but it’s not only the depth of her experience and knowledge that make Janine a stand out professional in her field. She has humour, warmth, compassion and honesty and is completely non judgemental which when you are going through one of the biggest upheavals in your life with all of the emotions and fears that that brings up, is invaluable. I would trust Janine with anything, she’s a wonderful, warm and witty woman who offers an excellent service and is just an all round great human being. Some people are born to do a particular vocation and Janine is one of them.

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After the death of our daughter Ella who was stillborn in 2010, I was very nervous about the birth of my second baby. We didn’t want to attend conventional antenatal classes but felt we needed support. Janine offered a one 2 one service in our home that was secure, personal and supportive. She made us feel comfortable as well as giving us the knowledge we needed. It was always going to be a difficult time for us but her time & support was invaluable.

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I attended the Relax and Breath sessions while I was pregnant and they were extremely helpful to help me prepare for labour. I am a health professional myself so I appreciate the importance of finding a specialist who has the expert knowledge required. As a new mum I attended her baby massage sessions. I have used the Birth and Baby Network to find services and have met many long-term friends thanks to attending sessions run by Janine. Janine’s blog is informative and contains an array of interesting and helpful articles for new mums.

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For me, Relax and Breathe was an opportunity to take time out from family life, the demands of a toddler, and the frantic rush of balancing working and other children – from modern life really! With subsequent pregnancies, it’s sometimes hard to remember that there will be a baby at the end of it. Relax and Breathe gave me the opportunity to focus on me and my new baby: to think about labour and birth and to connect with the new life growing inside me. It was a precious hour a week that was all about me and my baby.

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Your classes were the ideal way to prepare for labour; they gave me the opportunity to think about my first labour, reflect on what I would like to do differently and to prepare as best I could for the experience. You helped me realise what was important to me and you allowed me to believe that I could cope, after a few years of feeling I hadn’t coped the first time round. You gave me the confidence to have the birth I wanted and whilst in the pool at home I counted through my contractions and focused on blowing my bubbles. I would highly recommend the classes to second time mums, they give you chance to chill, reflect, get you in the zone and in my case take control back!

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They definitely gave me some valuable time to relax which is hard when you’ve already got a lively toddler at home! I found it helped to refocus my mind on the breathing techniques that make labour easier. This time round I was able to manage with only a tiny bit of gas and air at the very end! I had a water birth and it was all much more relaxed. Your classes really helped to remind me about breathing properly and just trying to go with the flow. I also met some great new friends!


After doing antenatal classes with Janine and a stressful first month with my new baby (isn’t it always!), I was excited when I saw Janine had a new baby massage course starting and even more excited when I got straight on to it! My experience with Janine during the antenatal course could not be faulted so I knew this baby massage course was exactly what I needed. When I’m placed in situations with a lot of people, and a lot of people I don’t know, I become very shy and now that my baby girl’s here I find it very easy to hide behind her and concentrate on talking to her instead of getting to know other Mamas. To my absolute delight that first Wednesday when I walked into Janine’s lovely home for baby massage there were only 2 other Mamas there and they had both been on the same antenatal course as me. This instantly made me feel more relaxed and walking into Janine’s that day was like walking into an old friend’s house. Janine has a sixth sense when it comes to Mamas and their babies. She knows instantly how stressed you’re feeling and how quickly you need her to take over looking after your little one. It’s a good job she loves her baby cuddles! During the sessions I felt I could chat openly about anything; the birth, feeding, sleeping, routines, sex, health visitors, and support I was receiving with my new baby etc. I could also talk about any other problems not related to my baby if I needed to get it off my chest! In fact I think Janine should add antenatal and postnatal therapist to her list of qualifications! If ever you ask Janine a question and she isn’t completely sure of the answer, she will always make sure she finds out for you which make you feel so relaxed, reassured and armed with good advice and information. Of course Janine also taught us all a valuable skill, which I am still using to this day, of how to massage my baby. This is now a part of my night time routine with my little one and it definitely helps us both to relax, bond and have some lovely quiet time together. My little one knows that once she has had her massage, it’s time for her to quieten and settle down and go to bed. On top of all this we also got plenty of tea, coffee and most importantly chocolate! What more could a Mama with a new baby ask for. Absolutely loved baby massage with Janine and miss our Wednesday afternoons together, but one of the best things about Janine is she’s there whenever you need her, even when the sessions are finished. Would recommend Janine’s courses to any pregnant lady or new Mama. xx


The massage classes with Janine were fab. For me, it was about finding new ways to comfort my baby, and also to connect with other new mums. There’s so much help for you when you’re pregnant, but once the baby arrives it seems to tail off and you’re left to deal with everything on your own. Janine’s classes were a real comfort (even lifesaver!) for me and I was just sad that the course wasn’t longer – or that each session couldn’t have lasted all day ha ha! Janine is kind, patient, experienced, knowledgeable and very reassuring. I’m just so glad I found her!!

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Baby massage offered me and my baby more than just a chance to get out of the house in the early days but also the chance to open up and talk about how we were all feeling as new mummies, bonding, general advice and breast feeding truths! Janine is unique in that I’ve never felt judged by anything that I’ve told her and she’s there for both a laugh and cry all things baby and more. The baby massage course offers mummies a time to zone into your baby in the comfort of a lovely warm, cosy living room with plump cushions to relax on. I also learnt a few massage techniques my daughter loves before bedtime. I was very sad when the course was over I actually still get Janine withdrawals!!


I really enjoyed the Baby Massage course. It was the first course / class that I did with my baby, starting when she was only 6 weeks old. It was way more than just a course – it being held in Janine’s home was lovely as it was so homely and there was always a roaring fire (it was winter!) to keep the babies and mummies warm. Janine couldn’t have been more friendly / welcoming. All the babies were young so there was constantly crying / feeding / sleeping and nappy changing going on – anything goes. Once the massage was done there was tea, biscuits and chat about anything we wanted which was so useful to get Janine’s experienced advice and input from the other mums doing the course unlike other classes where it’s hard to speak as the class in ongoing – with this one there was constant chat throughout). We had some chat about slings and Janine suggested we brought our slings the next week and she’d do a session on how to use them properly etc – all as part of the same cost / service. Thoroughly recommend! xx


I met Janine after the birth of my second son when life was rather hectic and I was quite stressed. Janine invited me to her baby massage class and I am so glad I signed up. Not only did the classes help me bond further with Ben, but having special time with him in a calm, inviting environment really enabled me to step back and plan for the months ahead. Janine has heaps of experience when it comes to every aspect of pregnancy, birth and infancy. She’s a great listener and sounding board and never ever judges – really important when you’re feeling vulnerable in those early months. I recommend every new Mum / Mum-to-be checks out what Janine has to offer – there is something to suit everyone and she is lovely. It’ll be worth it!

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The roaring fire in Janine’s living room was only matched by the warm atmosphere she created when I visited for baby massage. Proper mugs of tea, proper biccies and proper chat – together with the aforementioned fire – made for a much-looked-forward to date in the baby calendar.

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You have made a huge difference to my confidence about birth and parenting which I why I came back for more second time round. And you’re spot on about informing and empowering…

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You made such a difference to me – I felt to calm and ready for labour and I got the type of labour and delivery I wanted. Thank you. I recommend you to everyone I talk to!

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You do an amazing job in helping people

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