Your birth bag – what do you need?

Whether you are planning on having your baby at home or in hospital, it can be useful to have a few things handy to help you feel more comfortable and calmer in labour.

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Here’s the basics:

  • birth ball
  • pillow
  • water & food to keep you both going – including chocolate buttons and/or jelly babies, bananas and dried fruit for a quick energy boost
  • blanket/dressing gown for comfort and warmth
  • socks – in case your feet get cold
  • relaxing music, especially if you have used it in pregnancy. Your phone with headphones can be useful so you can focus and stay calm
  • a small fan and/or water spray to help you cool down
  • a straw to make drinking water easier
  • your birth preferences list, your maternity notes and any handouts to remind you of positions and breathing
  • lip balm – your lips can become dry in labour, especially if you are using gas & air
  • inflatable bath pillow – perfect for using in the birthing pool
  • hair clips/bobbles if you have long hair
  • some women also like to use Rescue Remedy to help keep them calm
  • massage oil
  • TENS machine
  • phone and charger for music and to talk to someone for support or to make birth announcements
  • tooth brush and toothpaste if you want to freshen up
  • flannel


For the postnatal ward

  • Slippers/flipflops
  • towel
  • pyjamas
  • comfortable, loose fitting clothes
  • big pants
  • maternity pads/breast pads
  • baby clothes and blanket
  • nappies
  • cotton wool/wipes
  • formula bottles (if you are planning on bottle-feeding)
  • carseat for bringing your baby home
  • toiletries
  • sports bottle for water (makes it easier when you are in bed feeding/cuddling your baby)
  • peppermint tea (it can help with trapped wind after a caesarean)

This is by no means a set list, just a few ideas of useful items.

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I am a mum of three and I have also worked as a birth doula, so I have attended a number of births.

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