A checklist for your labour and birth to help keep you going…

1 Do you feel safe?

Do you need support/reassurance? Do you need to go to hospital? Do you need your midwife? Do you need quiet? Do you need lower lights? Do you need to focus on your breathing? What feels right?

2 What do you need?

Say what you need to feel supported, reassured, comfortable and safe

3 Are you in a comfortable position?
Change into a position that feels right for you
4 Can you be more upright?

If you are on the bed, you can still use gravity by sitting upright in labour and, with some support, getting up on your knees for birth.

If you don’t need to be on the bed, try being off it and wandering, using a ball or a chair for support

5 Are you drinking plenty of water?

Even just a sip of water after each contraction, especially if using gas & air, can help keep you hydrated. Pack straws

6 Do you need to eat?

You don’t have to eat a lot but nibbling on fruit and healthy snacks can help give you energy.

7 Are you going to the loo regularly?
Atleast every hour, try to have a wee
8 Are you using your breathing to stay calm and focused?
If you are feeling tense or panicky, focus on your breathing to slow your heart rate, to give you something positive to focus on and to get you back in control
9 Are you resting in-between contractions?

You need to conserve your energy so flop, lean, relax, breathe and rest in-between your contractions, even if your contractions are close together

10 Ask questions…

If something is suggested and you don’t know what it is, why you need it, or it doesn’t feel right – ask for more information. What are the Benefits of doing it? What’s wrong with continuing as you are? Are there any alternatives?

If you are preparing for the birth of your baby you can book an antenatal class with me for information, skills, discussion and reassurance for birth. My sessions are for all expectant parents – you might need general information or need specific information.

You can also download a copy of my Practical Guide to Labour & Birth

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I have worked with expectant parents since 2002 and I have taught antenatal classes almost weekly since 2005.
I am NCT-trained and, due to my knowledge, training and experience, I am able to provide information, support and reassurance for all expectant parents. My sessions are friendly and informal – not like a classroom – with small groups and 1:1 sessions so you can ask questions and gather all the information you need.In addition to general birth preparation, I specialise in being parent-focused so I can provide support for specific issues such as birth anxiety, giving birth again, being induced, planned caesareans and homebirths.

I am a mum of three and I have also worked as a birth doula, so I have attended a number of births.

If you have any queries, just send me a message…