Birth Debrief

With Janine Rudin – an experienced specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting

This service is for anyone who needs to talk through the birth of their baby…

If you have been left with questions or you have been left feeling shaken or upset, you can benefit from talking it through with an experienced birth professional.

This support can be accessed in the weeks, months or years after the birth of your baby or might even be pregnant again and in need of a debrief before preparing for birth again.

“I can’t thank you enough. Having the time to talk about the birth of my baby has helped me to come to terms with what happened.”

“I really needed the time to focus on the birth of my first baby to help me get my head ready for giving birth to my second. I felt less anxious  after our session.”

£40 | 90 minute session

weekday, weekend and evening sessions are available


If you have any queries or you would like to book a session: