birth preparation for 2nd time parents


When you are pregnant again, you will need to think about labour and birth again at some point. You might need a refresher, you might need specific information and focus and you might also need to debrief your previous birth experience. I also work with a lot of parents who have experienced babyloss or stillbirth and want to focus on birth again, while managing concerns and anxieties.

Birth preparation when you are pregnant again can be about refreshing your knowledge, talking through any specific concerns as well as focusing on your options and gathering the information you need to feel better prepared.


Birth Preparation for 2nd time parents includes…

Birth Debrief – a private session to talk through any issues/concerns relating to your previous birth experience

1:1 Birth Preparation Sessions – private sessions to focus on getting you better prepared for birth again

Relax & Breathe sessions – a workshop or 1:1 session for you to practise simple but effective breathing skills for labour & birth


You can book these sessions separately or you can book the package of all three and save 10%. The Relax & Breath workshops run every month and the private sessions run during the day, evening and weekend, so you can book an appointment which is more convenient for you.

Pregnant Again Package
£135 (through paypal with a £5 booking fee or get in touch to make an online bank payment with no booking fee)

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If you have any queries about how I can help you get better prepared for birth again, just send me a message.

Janine Smith | a specialist in pregnancy, birth and parent support