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I am passionate about preparing parents well for the birth of their baby, it has been my life for 15 years and I know my expertise, knowledge and perspective can make a difference. I run small group sessions so I can focus on you, so you can get prepared and gather the information and skills you need to meet your baby. Labour and birth is unique to every woman and my sessions reflect this – my aim is to provide you with good information and skills so you know what can help and what might not; with greater confidence to ask questions and to be assertive when you need to be and to trust your body and your instincts…


EARLY LABOUR – because no-one focuses on this but knowing what to expect in the early stages of labour is important

ESTABLISHED LABOUR – what to expect, managing your contractions, pain relief, knowing your options and care in labour

WHAT HELPS & WHAT CAN HINDER – the small things can make a big difference

BIRTH SUPPORT – so birth partners know how to help

INDUCTION, EPIDURAL & CAESAREANS – these can all be a necessary part of labour and birth, it helps to be better prepared, to know what to expect and to know what your options are

This workshop is ideal for 1st & 2nd time parents | Saturday | 10am-1pm | North Shields

October 14 | December 9


It is important to me to be able to support parents in the best way possible so I don’t teach large groups of people – my sessions are run with 2, 3, 4 couples so they informal so you can focus on the information and the skills, so you chat and ask questions while feeling comfortable and relaxed.

There is also a 4 session Antenatal Course and a Relax & Breathe Workshop

Individual Consultations are also available
Birth Essentials | Birth Debrief | Induction Preparation | Caesarean Preparation |
Birth Preparation for Second-Time Parents | Anxiety in Pregnancy

And the support doesn’t end when the workshop is finished, I am on hand for more information or a peptalk  before the birth of your baby and when your baby is here there are a range of drop-in sessions and workshops to give you all the reassurance you need, usually with cake and tea…

Just send me a message if you have any queries.

antenatal educator, doula, postnatal group leader, baby massage instructor

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