I need to vent a little about boobs and I am sorry if I offend anyone as it is not my intention. 

It would seem that some people can feel offended, upset and embarrassed by a woman who is breastfeeding her
baby in public. 

It is just skin and they are just boobs, which are providing food for a baby who would otherwise be screaming with hunger and providing more annoyance, offence and upset.

If you don’t want to see any flesh – don’t look. Most women who breastfeed don’t want to flash the flesh but, sometimes, this is out of their control when feeding a fidgety baby.

If you see a bit of nipple, is it really the end of the world? If this is all you have to concern yourself with, consider yourself
very lucky.
It is a mother feeding her baby, please just look away and get on with your day.


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