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The photographs in the Born Yesterday project make me smile, they make me proud that I have experienced that and they make me feel very envious – that time with your brand new baby is simply the best time, a unique experience where time seems to stop, your world immediately shifts and you can enjoy cuddling your tiny creature because nothing else matters. It is brief and most of us only get to experience it a couple of times.

I wish I had been able to truly appreciate it with my first child – when I look at photos of me holding my first baby girl, I may be smiling but my eyes tell the real story – of fear, of what-were-we-thinking, of what-do-I-do-with-it, of  WHY IS SHE CLINGING TO ME?

It was still amazing, I lost hours staring at her, I held her fingers, I kissed her and I was so proud of myself for making her and for giving birth to her.

With my second baby, I was more blissful – there was no shock or apprehension about what was to come, I was so happy to have my new baby and her big sister. I knew my baby needed to cling to me, I knew how to feed her and I knew more of what to expect.

There is simply nothing better than cuddling your brand new baby and I wish that feeling could be bottled so it could last forever.

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