Breathing for birth? What’s that about?

So what does relaxing and breathing have to do with having a baby?

I have taught Relax & Breathe since I developed it in about 2009 and it is one of my favourite antenatal classes. And it’s really simple. The aim is to give expectant parents basic but really effective skills to stay as calm as possible – to handle each contraction, to head off any panic, to rest in-between contractions, to stay calm if decisions need to be made and birth-plans change.

Relax & Breathe isn’t about an easy labour – it’s about having the skills to better cope with the labour that is unique to you and your baby.

I have used the Relax & Breathe skills during my own births and with women during labour when I have been their birth doula. Breathing has helped women regain control, to make decisions, to work with each contraction, to deal with panic, to refocus and to just keep doing.


Why Relax?

You can have more energy, less adrenaline, feel safer, better able to focus and stay calm and releasing the right hormones in labour.

Knowing how to relax in pregnancy means you can relax in labour – so you can let go of tension in your muscles and so you can use your breathing so your head and your body can deal with contractions and any feelings of being overwhelmed.


Why Breathe?

You clearly know how to breathe but it’s about knowing how to use and control your breathing in a really simple way to slow your heartbeat so you stop pumping adrenaline and you can stay as calm as possible. This really simple but beneficial skill can help to keep you focused, grounded and capable.



Why Relax & Breathe?

This workshop is designed for you to spend a little bit of time relaxing and getting to know how you and your breathing feel when you are relaxed so you can use this in labour. Better to learn how to do this in pregnancy, than starting from scratch when you are in labour.

Pregnant women can come along on their own – or with their partner – to get your head ready for birth with some good knowledge and skills.

I have now taught hundreds of women how to use their breathing in labour. I have used Relax & Breathe myself in all three of my labours, with my doula clients and I have also used it in day to day life – if I feel stressed or anxious and to help my babies sleep! 



“Relax and Breathe gave me the opportunity to focus on me and my baby: to think about labour and birth and to connect with the new life growing inside me. It was precious time  that was all about me and my baby.”


“You have made a huge difference to my confidence about birth and parenting which I why I came back for more second time round. And you’re spot on about informing and empowering.”


“You made such a difference to me – I felt to calm and ready for labour and I got the type of labour and delivery I wanted. Thank you. I recommend you to everyone I talk to!”


“This definitely gave me some valuable time to relax. I found it helped to focus my mind on the breathing techniques that make labour easier. This time round I was able to manage with only a tiny bit of gas and air at the very end! I had a water birth and it was all much more relaxed. Your classes really helped to remind me about breathing properly and just trying to go with the flow.”

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Relax & Breathe for Birth

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