brilliant reasons to use a sling #16-20


#16 It’s a handy immobilisation device to stop my little boy from running away when I have to pay for stuff. On a more serious note the closeness and more practically, slings go places prams don’t, like the beach.



#17 to hit the beach


#18 Because I can have my hands free for other things. Because it helped me come to terms with not breast feeding. Because I can take her with me wherever I go regardless of terrain or circumstances. Because it allows me to keep her close occasionally. Because it makes us both happy


#19 Because sometimes you don’t want a pushchair – on cobbled streets, so you can nip in and out of shops, up stairs in castles, and so on. And sometimes, after a day of running around all day, they just need a cuddle and a sleep!



#20 Because I like to keep them close and snuggly. Because they like to be close to me. Because sometimes it’s the only way they’ll sleep!




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To find out more about using a sling: Rachel from The North East Sling Library visits the Birth & Baby Cafe on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month

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