busy mumming and weeks of chaos

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Just thinking out loud, bear with me…

Do you ever have a week that is not particularly unpleasant but is busy, when the juggling is relentless and there’s no pause for conversation and catching up.

It’s only Tuesday but I find myself pulled in different directions, rushing around and having to think about and do a million things to do with work, home, kids, birthdays and there’s still dinner to make, teaching to prepare for, writing to do, clothes to be put away and a house to be tidied.

I’m honestly not whinging, it’s life as a busy mum but I do feel like I am chasing my tail this week, like I’m failing just a little bit at this mumming thing. I know I’m not on my own but and I know it is just one of those weeks but it still feels a bit crap.

Janine x

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