Originally from New Zealand, I moved to England 19 years ago and North Tyneside 1o years ago where I now live with my engineer husband Graham and children Zack, seven and Casey, eight.

I initially established a successful landscape photography business including the now iconic image of St Mary’s Lighthouse in pink taken during a storm and which was featured in the Breast Cancer Awareness 2014 Whitley Bay ‘Paint the Town Pink’ Campaign. However frequent requests for family shoots has led me in another direction with a genuine knack of capturing people at their best with a welcoming and relaxed style.

Eighteen months ago when asked to photograph a friend’s newborn baby I relished the opportunity, sourcing beautiful baskets and fluffy blankets to co-ordinate with themed outfits from bumble bees to batman! And Captured Forever was born, with the branding including a Silver Fern, a symbol of my native Kiwi roots.  

I quickly recognised the initial nervousness new parents face when considering having their  tiny bundle photographed, particularly in a studio setting or outside the home, so I decided to take my business to them! Bringing lights, camera and a choice of themed scene sets I travel to where the baby is, eliminating the worry of having to be up and ready for many parents! It also allows me to work with both baby and mum and their timescales for feeding and napping, giving enough time between outfit changes to re-settle baby.


Baby’s safety is always the most important element of the shoot.
The chin on hands or chin on a single-hand, in fact any newborn image with the head upright are composite shots where a number of images are taken to create one.

No stress is put on the baby’s neck, arms, back, or wrists as all the weight is taken by the spotting adult, usually the parent. No image set up is rushed.

I was delighted to be asked to photograph Cohen, at just 2 hours old by mum of three Amanda. He is the youngest I have photographed, but what a privilege and to be asked to return a few days later to capture Cohen with his older brothers was an absolute honour.


This year I’m celebrating two years photographing over 100 newborn babies and families  I’ll also continue to enter the Image of the Month Competition with the national body the Photographers Guild which gets just under 1000 entries each month. During 2015 in the seven months I entered I collected 13 Bronze awards! Which I’m really happy about given the stiff competition!

I absolutely love my job, and also believe in being really upfront with my pricing – there are no hidden costs, you see everything before you book so you know where you are. I like to approach things how I would like to be approached, especially when you are considering having a stranger come into your home and handle your precious new bundle. For me I find it an absolute privilege, just holding these little bundles who have all that exciting life to grow into and I have been just a tiny part of the journey.


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I think working with me and having me in your home is best described by some of the mums I have worked with…

Leela Cardus: Tina is an excellent photographer with a keen eye for detail. Tina has a warm and friendly personality and had a lovely caring
manner when photographing my little boy. 
I have had some lovely comments about the photos of my son, which is
testament to her skilled work as a baby photographer.

Carol Tully: Tina is professional and perfect! I couldn’t have picked a
better photographer to capture my little girl’s 

first days – she produces stunning photos and memories to last a life time!

Jill King: Tina’s warmth and humour will put any family at ease in the
early chaotic days of parenthood. 
As a reflection of her kiwi roots, she
absolutely insists that she will take you as she finds you, and its this 

relaxed approach that will bring out the best in your family’s photographs.

Laura Peel: We were thrilled when some friends bought us a newborn
photo shoot with I Just Love Babies – Photography. 

Tina was lovely when we spoke to her to book a provisional date
for the shoot based on my due date, and extremely accommodating
I had to rearrange – our baby paid no attention to his due
date whatsoever!

When we did have the shoot, we couldn’t have been more impressed
with Tina. We were slightly nervous at having a stranger come into
our home to photograph our son, especially when he is so very tiny.
However, Tina quickly allayed any fears, and her qualifications as a
mother made her perfectly suited to photograph our little one
confidently and compassionately. We felt comfortable from the start
letting her dress and position our baby, and the fact that he only
whimpered once throughout the whole shoot showed that he was
more than comfortable with both Tina and his newfound model status.