Celebrating International Babywearing Week 2015

International Babywearing Week: October 4 – 10 2015

Embrace Your World: that is the theme of International Babywearing Week 2015 – an annual international event to celebrate carrying our children in a sling. Across the world there are events all with the single aim of promoting the use of a sling and make Carrying Normal.

Babywearing – the act of carrying an infant close on the wearer’s body – is not a new concept. Babies have a biological and evolutionary need to be carried. It is why newborn babies turn their feet inwards; to grip to their carers body and why they close their hands to make a fist if you place your finger in their palm. They want to be carried.

Internationally carrying our infants is one of the few things which unite nations and cultures. We all have our own carrying traditions and methods but the act of carrying our children is universal. International Babywearing Week looks at embracing that shared history and experience. Around the region, the country and the world events have been organised to help celebrate carrying and our babies.

This year there are 10 different “embrace” themes: Embrace your community, family, voice, self, options, adventures, style, wild, love and day. Each one is a way in which we can celebrate our world. They are designed so each group can plan events which suit their own worlds but also have a shared experience too. Even if you cannot attend an event or you don’t want to go to one, you can select from the different #embraceyourworld themes and celebrate International Babywearing Week in YOUR own way. You can still take part.

Telling one person about why you choose to carry your child is equally as important as attending a meet. Embrace Your World and all elements of it. The North East Sling Library has a series of events planned to celebrate the week. You can find out more about what they are doing here.


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