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Whether your pregnancy is wonderful or on the side of a bit crap, at some point thoughts will turn to giving birth. As someone who works with pregnant women, thoughts about birth can vary from just wanting to go with the flow and how hard can it be to knowing all options and being as fully informed as possible.

As an antenatal teacher, I am obviously all for information and options not because I have an agenda of how I want you to labour but because I want you know more about the range of what to expect, what might help and what might get in the way.


antenatal classesMy main aims are information, support and reassurance so you can ask all the questions you need, talk through how you can move, rest, be comfortable, manage contractions and make decisions. It’s about being able to do what’s right for you.

Birth is unique and every woman has their own unique need for information and reassurance. As a mum of three and birth doula to many I know that no two births are the same and this underpins my work as a birth practitioner – you, as the woman in labour, need to be able to say what you need, what feels right for you.

And antenatal sessions are also about having the time to think about birth before you are faced with contractions or different options and not being sure how to handle them.

Birth preparation is also about thinking through what matters to you and what birth partners can do, as well as finding out more about being induced or having a caesarean. It’s also about talking through your expectations and being better prepared for more of the reality of labour and birth.

I have worked with parents since 2002 and I keep my groups small, friendly, parent-focused and to the point. I also provide 1:1 sessions for parents who don’t want or need to attend a group. Support is always ongoing and it’s my job to listen to fears, concerns and questions.



If you have any queries about how I can help you prepare for the birth of your baby, just send me a message…




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