Diary of a Fat Lass: feeling happy – and really well

As with my last post a month ago, I would normally have given up by now because any regime would have been about weightloss and not about lifestyle changes and health. The whole point with what I am doing is to feel better and to lose some weight along the way.

Food organisation is still an onwards battle – most main meals are fine but I still struggle with snacking on some days because I run out of time and I haven’t prepared lunch. At home, it’s great and pretty easy but work can pose more of a problem when I am busy and I forget to take lunch and then I get hungry and I am short on time. So organisation has to be key – food at work has to be about having fruit to hand to nibble on and I need to take lunch with me – otherwise it doesn’t work!

I am also going to make a note of my food this month, to see if that makes any difference. But I want to focus on the positives because this is about making changes that will last…


healthy food


  • I am rarely snacking on unhealthy food but I am aware that I need to be more organised and have more healthy snacks available at work
  • I am now less likely to binge on bread or to eat biscuits and cake when I feel hungry or when I feel emotionally in need – I am being more mindful of what I am eating and acknowledging that I don’t really need that biscuit, rather than just popping it in my gob and forgetting about it
  • I rarely eat after my tea now
  • I am eating more fruit that I ever have 
  • On most days I am eating less stodgy carbs – so I have cut right back on bread, pasta and potatoes and I am eating more fruit and veg instead




10,000 steps a day is working for me and on many days I am exceeding that. I won’t the results of running or bootcamp but I feel a bit fitter and I am enjoying walking more or just doing some step each day to get me moving a bit faster. 

Currently this is right for me because I am doing it, any other exercise – which I usually hate or I have end up injuring myself – I give up after a few weeks. Even on tired days and rainy days I have been walking to work – it’s becoming my default to walk rather than to just jump in the car and I like it, it’s like my old London days where I walked everywhere. 


I haven’t measured or weighed because I want to focus on how I feel and how my clothes feel…

  • I feel lighter and less sluggish
  • I have more energy
  • I am sleeping better
  • My heartburn has eased
  • My mood is more stable
  • My clothes are looser and I have sent some packing to the charity shop because they are now too big
  • I feel well and less aches


So while my results are not as instant or as dramatic in terms of weightloss and fitness – no fitness guru is going to be ecstatic with my progress – I am experiencing so many positives, which is what this was all about. These lifestyle changes have to last, they can’t be fads that I ditch in a month or two and I am pleased that I feel so much better – physically and mentally – and that I am motivated to keep going.


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  1. You are doing exactly what I want and should do. I am very much inspired by your blog but aware of the differences between us, I must work out my own regime and STICK TO IT! I am 70, retired, arthritic, but a very keen gardener and on good days a keen walker. However, a life-long sugar addict, I have chosen this as my first and probably highest hurdle! It see cutting sugar out as almost impossible, but will try very hard to at least reduce it. I have a wrist band which counts my steps and will work out how many I can/must do and head into what I hope will be a fitter, slimmer and healthier future. Wish me luck!

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