Do Life On Purpose

Do Life On Purpose

Do Life On PurposeDo Life On Purpose – I am always really open about my mental health – I have experienced both depression and anxiety and it is something I now live with. I function well, I manage it well, I live a simple little life doing what I love, with the people I love. I’m really bloody lucky.

About three years ago I was having a tough time, I was emotionally drained due to trying to grow my business, parenting challenges and some complex family issues and I felt like I was just a passenger in my life, owned by emotions, lurching from day to day and not really in control but desperately wanting to be. I felt really fat and out of shape, with no energy and no defined focus.

Then one afternoon I was listening to the radio – James McAvoy was being interviewed and he started talking about having to do the aspects of his job that don’t make him want to get up in the morning – the contractual obligations of doing the rounds with the media. But he said if he accepts it and just does it, his day is easier and he usually enjoys it.

He talked about being able to do life on purpose and that whatever we are doing, it helps to do it well and to try at it. This stops us from being a passenger because we are active in our life. His words really struck me and it changed my thinking, it changed my perspective.

So that’s why I focus on being able to Do Life On Purpose…


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