why I am collecting for the foodbank…


The Birth & Baby Family Centre is now a collection point for the Bay Foodbank. There is a large tub by the front door, which I will deliver to the foodbank each week.

I started to donate items to the food bank three years ago after I saw a family – mum, dad, 2 kids – trying to buy absolute basics in Aldi. It was about 3 days before Christmas, they tried to pay with a card but didn’t have enough money so they had to leave without toilet roll, beans, bread, milk and some veg. The parents were mortified: the dad looked crushed, the mum upset and the kids were confused and crying. I wanted to buy it for them but feared this would come across as pity or as offensive. I cry every time I think of this day because I wish I had done something.

The next day I went shopping and took a delivery of items to the foodbank where I saw people coming to get a few items so they had food over the Christmas period. It really hit home that so many people are struggling – their Christmas lunch if they were lucky was going to be beans on toast, or maybe a pot noodle.

The staff I spoke to told me that the foodbank was used by lots of older people – pensioners who can’t afford food and heat – and by people who are self employed but who have had a tough month or two and need some help, along with people who are struggling to survive on their benefits.

Reading Jack Monroe’s article has made me see I could do more, we could all do more to make a difference, to do our bit to look after the more vulnerable members of society.


The foodbank needs:

  • tins of vegetables, soup, tomatoes, fruit, custard, rice pudding, meat & gravy, ham and corned beef
  • rice, pasta, noodles, pot noodles, tea, coffee, juice, squash, biscuits, sweets, chocolate, cereal
  • soap, toiletries, sanitary towels and tampons


About 100 parents use the Birth & Baby Family Centre every week – imagine if everyone was able to donate atleast one item a week, just think of the difference this could make to local families – to adults and children who often go hungry and to the girls and the women who can’t afford to buy sanitary products.

Let’s do something!



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