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The Birth & Baby Network, as well as the work I do with new parents with Birth & Baby Basics, is all about being inclusive and supporting the different choices we want to or need to make as a parent.

As a result of listening to many of the mums I see postnatally, I want this website to be a place of information and support for formula feeding as well as for breastfeeding.

Like all things baby there are no absolutes so I am looking for your experiences. Regular comments that come up from new mums are:

  • What formula to use and why? If you have switched from any formulas, why and did it make a difference?
  • Any preference with bottles?
  • Routines with sterilizing and making up your bottles?
  • Combine-feeding and making it work


If you could share your story and your tips with me that would be great because it will be really beneficial to a lot of parents with a young baby.

You can add a comment below, you can leave a message on my Facebook Page or you can email me:



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