Free Labour & Birth Handbooks

I have written a series of labour & birth handbooks which accompany my antenatal classes and 1:1 consultations with expectant parents. I have now made all 14 titles available to download.

  1. Early Labour
  2. Established Labour
  3. Giving Birth
  4. Going Over Your Due Date
  5. Being Induced
  6. Relax & Breathe
  7. Pain Relief
  8. Birth By Caesarean
  9. Tips for Labour & Birth
  10. Your Birth Bag
  11. Writing A Birth Plan
  12. Checklist For Birth
  13. Meeting Your Baby
  14. Delivering Your Placenta


I am making 5 titles free to download…

  • Checklist For Birth
  • Your Birth Bag
  • Writing A Birth Plan
  • Tips For Labour And Birth
  • Going Over Your Due Date

Just send me a message and I will email you your free handbooks…




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