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I am an antenatal teacher and a birth doula – I help parents prepare for the birth of their baby, this is a role I chose for myself 15 years ago when I started working with parents and training as an antenatal educator. Now, as an experienced birth practitioner, I provide private consultations and group antenatal classes to meet the different needs of expectant parents – both first and second time parents and I specialise in working with parents who are nervous or anxious or who may have previously experienced the loss of a baby.

So why do I provide birth preparation? Because it makes a difference – most parents are going into hospital where they won’t know anyone or know what their options are or how to stay calm and manage their contractions.  This can create uncertainty and fear.

My job is to provide some practical information and skills to boost your knowledge as well as your confidence and to encourage you to be assertive, so you can get the support you need – midwives are brilliant but they are not telepathic so it can help to say what you need.

I aim to keep it simple, I don’t want to bombard you with lots of different potential scenarios – to me it is important that you know what happens during labour, what can help you and what might not, how to stay calm, especially if you need interventions.


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Birth can be beautiful but it can also be raw, scary and emotional – it doesn’t always go to plan and I want to prepare you as well as I can for this. My personal view is that birth is amazing, however a baby is born, and I want you to have as positive an experience as possible by giving you good knowledge, skills and by listening to your fears and expectations. I can’t prepare you for the enormity of birth – no one can – but I can help you manage the tiredness, the contractions and how to gather information so you have a greater sense of control.

Some women describe birth as being a brilliant experience, many don’t – my role is not to convince you it will be magical, but that it is do-able.

My birth experience includes the birth of my own three children, which were all very different, and the many parents I have supported during labour – I have provided phone support for parents who have needed a familiar voice to help calm and reassure them and I have provided physical birth support as a doula – from early labour and right through to parents meeting their baby. And, as a busy antenatal teacher, I must have taught 1000 parents by now. Every labour and birth has been different, every parent has been different  – it’s all unique and that is why I am skilled at treating you as an individual, with your own need for understanding, information, support and reassurance.

There are lots of different antenatal classes out there, why pick mine? I am experienced, skilled and well trained; I have attended births; I am trained to teach birth preparation; I focus on you and what you need; parents recommend me…



Birth can be one of the biggest things a woman will do in her life, something you will remember forever.
I want to help you prepare for that.

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As an experienced and qualified practitioner, I specialise in pregnancy, birth and parent support - my aim is to listen, inform, support and reassure when needed. I have worked with parents since 2002 and I set up Birth, Baby & Family in 2011 to provide good information, different voices and links to the best products and services for families.

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