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Pregnancy Wellbeing 

Pregnancy can be a magical time of excitement, fulfillment and change but, for many women, it can also be a time of vulnerability.

Reassurance and support can come from your community midwife but, due to demands on their time, time with them can be short and we usually remember the questions we wanted to ask as we walk out the door!

What do we need reassurance about? Day to day it is often about being healthy and safe and preparing for labour.

So where can you go for this reassurance and support? There are obviously a huge selection of websites and books to choose from and, for some, this will be all they need but many women still want to talk to a person to gain a clearer picture rather than making their way through differing advice and information.

  • Your midwife – if you need more of her time, ask for it! Chances are she will be busy but if you request more of her time, she will give it to you.
  • Find yourself a pregnancy fitness specialist – we have pilates, yoga, aerobics and aquanatal
  • Use a chiropractor with experience of pregnancy to help new aches and niggles
  • Treat yourself to a pregnancy massage – perfect for helping you relax
  • Book some good antenatal classes – ideally small groups where you get to talk and to ask all the questions you need to gain information and reassurance

 Take a wander around the Birth & Baby Network and if we don’t have what you need, just ask.

There is nothing wrong with seeking out this extra support as your body, as well as your life, starts to experience significant change. Physical and emotional wellbeing are important in pregnancy, so look after yourself and put you and the bump first!

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