Hot flushes, insomnia and perimenopause moods

Just in case you don’t know – the perimenopause is a more than a bit shit. It is one of the most isolating experiences of my life, I am just grateful to have a couple of friends who are experiencing similar – this alone is keeping me sane.

The perimenopause is that long, drawn out phase before the menopause. Here’s what it can involve…

  • hot flushes – I have to stand outside or next to an open fridge
  • night sweats – I can wake up soaked
  • heart palpitations – yep
  • migraines – constant headache and more migraines
  • sore boobs – have been spared this one
  • irregular periods – never know when it’s going to appear
  • heavy periods – running tap
  • fibroids – not as far as I know
  • low sex drive – monk like
  • urine infections – not yet
  • bad skin – not yet
  • facial hair – think bearded lady
  • mood swings, anxiety, depression –  permanent PMT
  • insomnia – every night
  • fuzzy thinking – constant

In short, it’s a joy. It can be something that us women feel we have no control over and it can make us feel quite insane. There have been conversations about HRT, about anti-depressants but I’m trying to manage it through the right food, vitamins, fresh air and exercise. It’s become very clear that it is also about taking care of me – my work is now more focused so I am working less in order to do what I love but have more down time to rest and relax as well.

Perimenopause affects us all differently but I’ll be sharing more about managing it, living with it and being a parent with it.

Janine x





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