This is an informal session with good information, discussion and a confidence boost so you know more about…




growth spurts

what your baby needs and what to expect

settling and soothing

interacting with your baby

coping strategies for you


You can come along with your baby from birth to about one year old.

With Janine Rudin | Birth, Baby & Family
A specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting


Thursdays | 1-3pm | £15 | monthly
includes a booklet, tea/fresh coffee, cake and ongoing support

January 25: 1-3pm

February 22: 1-3pm

March 8: 1-3pm

April 26: 1-3pm

May 24: 1-3pm

June 28: 1-3pm

July 26: 1-3pm

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You can also book and pay with paypal to | or you can book and pay by cheque or online banking – just
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