It’s 2018: Do Life On Purpose

I’m not a huge fan of the whole New Year thing, I don’t like the do-over feeling or the sense that the next year has to be better. But I am a bit old and a bit miserable so I spent the evening with my husband, some mulled wine, good chocolate and Netflix – while texting a teenager and checking on the hoard of 13 year olds who were upstairs.

But I do see it as a chance to reflect and be grateful so rather than focus on resolutions, which can be all about change, I am thinking positively about what’s good, what makes me happy and fulfilled in life and in work and doing that. New Year can all seem a bit smug – look what I achieved this year and next year I am going to achieve even more – and I am left wondering, what about just being. Is that not enough? Sometimes it has to be.

As Matt Haig posted yesterday: “Happy new year! Don’t ever feel you aren’t enough. Don’t feel you have to achieve more just to be accepted. Be happy with your own self, minus upgrades. Stop dreaming of imaginary goals and finishing lines. Accept what marketing doesn’t want you to: you are fine. You lack nothing.”

I realise I may sound like a dull bore but I am grateful for my health, my happiness, for the roof over my head, for the people in my life, for the work I do, for being safe, for laughter,  for being able to have ambition and hope and for being able to cling onto something on dark days. I am grateful for being able to do life on purpose.

Have a good Monday xx


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