Booking a birth doula can provide you with ongoing support throughout your pregnancy, labour and during those early hours and days with your baby.

A doula provides extra support to complement the care provided by your midwife. As you get to know your doula in pregnancy, this relationship can provide a level of continuity and trust that can be of great benefit when you are in labour.

Doulas do not provide medical advice, that is part of the care provided by your midwife during pregnancy and birth. Neither does a doula tell you what to do. A doula will be on hand to provide you with continuous emotional and physical support, she will be there to guide, to listen and to meet your needs, she will be there to help safeguard your birthing environment to enable you to feel safe and secure in labour, so you can birth your baby with greater confidence.

Doulas are also there for the birth partners – to ensure they also feel reassured and supported.  This can help birth partners feel calm and confident about the support they are providing.

Whether you are giving birth in hospital or at home, a doula can provide care for the duration of your labour – including early labour when you may need reassurance and support.

Every doula is different, so it is important to choose a doula you both feel comfortable with and who meets your requirements to help you work towards the birth you want.

Across Newcastle and Tyneside we have some excellent birth doulas:




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