Birth Story for Issac Bryan John Coy, 27th April 2012

Wow, when I found out I was pregnant in August I didn’t think that this one’s entrance into the world would be more dramatic than the being dug out of the snow to get to hospital that its big brother arriving fully dilated and passing out. But more dramatic is what we got!!!

Isaac was born at 1.38am (approx) on Friday 27th April after a very very quick labour. On the Thursday night I had been very emotional and had spent quite a long time crying to Martin about how I was scared I would end up having to be induced, that induction wouldn’t work and I would end up having a c-section, and how this was the worst thing that could possibly happen due to no family support etc in Durham. He told me to stop looking at the negatives and plan what I would do if that happened etc. He helped cheer me up a little but at 9pm I decided that highly emotional pregnant lady needed to go to bed. I woke up at 11.45pm (same time I’ve woken up for the past 3 nights) needing a wee but nothing more. Got back into bed but couldn’t settle and by 12.17am felt the need to go to the toilet. I went twice in the next 30minutes and before second time decided to go downstairs in order to avoid waking Martin or Henry. At this point I felt that something was happening but thought it would be a while yet as this was how labour had started with Henry but
hadn’t had contractions to this point.

At 1am I decided things were definitely happening and I had my first contraction. Not 100% sure what to do I went upstairs and woke Martin to tell him that I thought things were starting off and that I was going to go downstairs, have cup of tea and bounce on ball etc. Over the next 20minutes I had 3 contractions and a couple of trips where I thought I needed the loo but couldn’t do anything (clearly my body was already pushing I just didn’t know it). None of the contractions lasted longer than 15-20seconds so I still thought I had a while but pottered back upstairs to wake Martin again and tell him I was going to ring the hospital and give them the heads up so that they could inform on call midwife. This is when things got interesting.

So I come back downstairs but before I could ring labour ward I suddenly felt the need for the toilet but as I sat on the toilet I got that unmistakable stinging sensation, looked down and could see bulging which I knew had to be the head. I screamed and Martin legged it downstairs. I frantically told him to ring labour ward and to get lid of the pool as this baby was coming now and not waiting.
He rang hospital and somehow managed to get them to realise I was booked for homebirth as initially they kept saying ring 999 but once they knew I was a homebirth they said they would inform Midwives. I somehow managed to stop myself from pushing at this point and sort of rang, jumped, hopped from our downstairs loo to the pool. The pain was intense and I was in no doubt that midwives were not going to make it so made Martin ring 999 and while on phone to them to go and get towels etc from airing cupboard as I didn’t think we had long to wait. Martin was calm but the 999 handler wasn’t that useful, pre-prepared script but not being able to skip to the bit where baby’s head was out, so Martin simply put phone on floor and watched as without pushing/panting but breathing out came baby Coy’s head facing me and next one arm like superman. My waters hadn’t broken at any point and it was clear in an odd, you could sort of see water in water if that makes sense, that my waters were still intact and that baby was being born in the caul. With one little push the rest of baby literally swam to the surface. I must have broken waters lifting him out and he cried immediately. At this point we didn’t know if we had a boy or a girl and for some reason we didn’t even check. Martin picked phone back up and told 999 that baby was born and crying and seemed fine. But neither of us looked at the clock. We have a rough time of birth based on the fact that the ambulance crew got the call at 1.35 and their computer flashed up at 1.40 that baby was born. Not exactly how long you would class the 2nd stage begin but about 20minutes I think.

(My discharge sheet states that officially my first stage lasted 10 minutes, second stage 8 minutes and third stage 35 minutes.)

Martin and I weren’t quite sure what to do next but I didn’t feel quite ready to get out of the pool so baby and I had skin to skin in the water. I was looking at the water thinking where is the blood etc and it barely looks like the pool was used. Ambulance crew arrived at 1.50 and think the two blokes were slightly shocked to find me wearing nothing in the pool. They were happy to wait for midwife to arrive to cut cord but by 2am I was beginning to get cold and wanted to get out. It was then we looked to see if baby was a boy or a girl. Once out the pool I sort of collapsed on to the sofa. My nice ‘homebirth’ box of shower curtains etc was still upstairs unopened. They cut the cord and took Isaac to be wrapped up. I had only just managed to put the heating on at about 12.55 so the room still wasn’t that warm. I started to panic slightly at this point as part of the agreement I had made with SOM was that I would have a cannula insitu due to 900ml blood loss with Henry but I already knew I didn’t feel as poorly as then.

Midwife arrived 5 minutes later (actually the 2nd on call arrived before the 1st on call). She opened the boxes. It is now approximately 40 minutes since Isaac had been born and there was no sign of the placenta so I agreed, as had been my original plan, to a managed 3rd stage so had the syntocinon and Controlled Cord Traction. Placenta was delivered 5 minutes later and looked brilliant. I never saw Henry’s so was quite excited to see it. Midwife examined it and said it was perfect. Door rang and the Midwife appeared. She started caring for Isaac, vitamin k etc, while the other midwife examined me. Henry appeared at this point slightly confused by the 4 extra adults in the room and didn’t appear to notice Isaac. He happily went back to bed, still half asleep.

My reasoning for a waterbirth was to try and avoid tearing as I had required a Fenton repair operation after Henry. Unfortunately I still tore but not as badly as last time (Minor grazing to labia and 2nd degree (but only just apparently) to perineum.) I asked if it was possible to avoid stitches but both midwives thought it would require stitches. I had 5 (compared to 8 with Henry). At this point I suddenly realised I had no clothes on and managed to get my dressing gown back on and move to the sofa for a proper cuddle with Isaac and paramedics left. Midwives then did paperwork and checks on both of us and weighed Isaac. He weighed in at 8oz heavier than his big brother at 7lb 40z, not bad for 3weeks 2days further gestation.

It is now about 3am and despite a couple of attempts in pool Isaac hadn’t fed but suddenly began rooting and latched on perfectly for about 5 minutes before going back to sleep. Midwives tidied away and then asked if I wanted a shower/bath. I said I’d like a shower and midwife came upstairs with me and made sure I was ok in shower,  she re-did her checks and then left.

I got into bed and put Isaac in his crib. I’d had some  paracetamol for after pains so was a bit worried about having him in bed. Martin then came upstairs and by 4am we were all in bed again as if nothing had ever been different. Isaac was fast asleep but making lots of noise so I told Martin to go into spare room to get some sleep as there was no point in is both not getting any sleep. By this point I’ve had only 75minutes sleep (between 10.30-11.45pm) but despite being shattered I couldn’t get to sleep. I brought Isaac into bed at about 4.30 to feed and he then stayed in with me. He might only be 3hours old but he’d already commandeered ¾ of the bed. He stayed asleep till 6.30 and I dosed on and off. Isaac then woke at 6.30 and latched on immediately just as Henry walked into the bedroom and simply said ‘morning baby’ as if Isaac has always been here. Martin then came in too and we spent the next hour or so in bed together.

Henry absolutely loves Isaac. Even the dog was impressed.

And to top it all off I texted Simon Mayo and the Drivetime ‘all request Friday’ on Radio 2 to give a shout out to Martin for being so calm and Simon Mayo dedicated the rest of the programme to, as he put it,  ‘the midwife and ambulance all rolled into one’.



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