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I knew all along I wanted a pool birth, I also knew I wanted to have Millie in the new “posh” birthing centre at the RVI but I was slightly apprehensive as my last birth to Max (then 4) was pretty quick. I had all these visions of giving birth in the lay-by on the Coast Road during rush hour traffic!
I had weeks of Braxton Hicks so was convinced she was gonna be early. I woke up only 1day over feeling funny, at about 11 am I had a show – strange thing was this was the same time I had a show with Max – I knew things were starting I knew. I dropped Max off at nursery and came home to contact the hubby to come home, Grandma on school pick up and placed my butt on the ball and got a bouncing.

We went to hospital at 5 because I wanted to get there so that my dreams of delivering in the car did not become a reality…. I was examined at 3 cm but no contractions. She put me in a room after offering me to walk around the park and I quickly said no chance!

It then all happened pretty quick.. the Tens was on and by 7pm I was 6cm.. I remember lying on the bed watching the television awards, quite happy with my gas and air. This was when my midwife started to run my pool.. Eeek I was excited –  finally for my third baby I was getting what I wanted.
The main thing I remember was I kept slipping around it and the gas and air thingy kept falling off.. haha
Contractions quickly got stronger and stronger and I had yet to break my waters so at 9.48pm my midwife checked and I was 9 cm – she broke my waters and my god did I scream, now that did hurt. Why ? You may ask…because 3 minutes later my baby was out!

I loved it!!!
She had purple head for days because she came through the birthing canal so quickly.
Millie’s birth lasted 10 minutes longer than my second son who was born at 21.41.
I could do it all over again…

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