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The journey from conception to parenthood can be a stressful one, and we are here to help listen and guide you through each step of the way. A relaxed mind, will help create a relaxed body. Better for you, better for baby.


We offer a fantastic range of antenatal, pre & postnatal classes, workshops, and materials to help you and your birth partner have a confident, relaxed, controlled, and fear free birth, fertility & parenting experience. Operating in the North East, we are confident we will have a positive impact on all parents & parents to be, and can offer something to everyone at all stages of conception, pregnancy & beyond.


Natal Hypnotherapy is a form of hypnobirthing and is accredited by the Royal College of Midwifes. We offer 2 workshops for a complete Birth Preparation course and it can be utilised in all aspects of pregnancy, no matter how or where you are planning to birth. It is the perfect complement to antenatal classes. Workshops can be private sessions or small groups, weekends or evenings – very flexible to fit in with your schedule and needs.

– The first of the 2 workshops focuses exclusively on Natural Pain Relief tools and techniques; namely breathing, relaxation & self hypnosis

– The second workshop for Effective Birth Preparation is a very practical day to help you and your birth partner prepare both physically, mentally and emotionally for the birth

We teach self hypnosis skills, deep relaxation, and a range of tools of techniques for the birth partner to use during pregnancy and birth so they feel prepared and an integral part of the birthing team. The mother is guided into a deeply relaxed state using breathing techniques, guided imagery and visualisation. The mother continues her preparation with the CD’s and/or with our Pregnancy Relaxation classes with FearFreeBirthing, and thus increases her confidence in the run up to the birth so that she adapt to any changes that may happen but still come away from the birth feeling empowered, positive and informed.



– “Fertility Relaxation” – Private sessions to suit you which help keep you and your partner relaxed and stress free while trying to conceive or undergoing fertility treatment. 

Pregnancy Classes

“Pregnancy Relaxation with Natal Hypnotherapy” – Take some time out of your busy week for some “ME & BUMP time! Practise your relaxation skills, talk about pregnancy related topics, and feel positive about the birth.

“Breathe & Bounce” – Birth Ball & Breathing techniques for pregnancy, labour and beyond!

Postnatal Classes

“Mummy Relaxation Classes”  – A little window of peace where you can look after yourself, relax your mind and body, and have some much deserved “ME” time!



As a natal hypnotherapy mum, I am able to speak from personal experience. I have tried and tested the workshops, books and cds and am very passionate about sharing what I’ve learned, and look forward to equipping expectant couples with various tools and techniques they need to get a positive, relaxed birth. I’m excited to see birth partners feel confident about their role during the labour, and I can’t wait to see the pregnant women eliminate their concerns and greatly reduce any worry or fear they may have.

I have turned into a Birthing Nerd, and relish any opportunity to learn more and help spread positive birth. My class attendants become my friends, and just like a great friend, I will wait excitedly by the phone waiting to hear the good news, and am happily on standby for those late night calls asking for help or advise.

The great thing about being a Natal Hypnotherapist is that we are part of a family of positive birthers, all here to help and support each other. And now that we are part of the Birth&Baby Network, it means even more support and guidance for all our north east mummies and daddies.



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