Positive encouragement

Eye to eye contact and slow steady breathing – concentrate on the out breath


Speak quietly and gently, but firmly when appropriate
Remind her to drop her shoulders, perhaps with a gentle touch

Remind her to keep her jaw loose

Encourage her to breathe out – to prevent her from holding her breath

Remind her to empty her bladder about once an hour

Help her to change position

Explain what is happening if she needs that information

Communicate with your midwife and any other staff to gather information

Remember Benefits Risks Alternatives if an action is suggested and you don’t know why

She needs you to provide reassurance and security so if you feel overwhelmed and panicky, focus on your breathing and
take a break

Don’t feel that you have to be doing something all the time – just being there is often enough


Keep your own strength up – you need food, drink and rest too

Look after your own back when supporting your partner, don’t stay in an uncomfortable position for too long

If you need support and reassurance, ask your midwife for information to help you stay calm – she is there for you too!



Link: Birth & Baby Network  Labour & Birth Pages

Written by Janine Rudin | Birth, Baby & Family
A specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting



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