This is about focusing on your goals, on a need for change & motivation and to work towards achieving
this and a better life balance.

I specialise in working with parents so this is support for you as a parent as your children grow and the challenges shift for you and your family.

You might need to talk through specific parenting issues
such as coping with lack of sleep, challenging behaviour, food issues with the over-1s


you might need to focus on you…
as a parent | with work | juggling different responsibilities | with your goals |
to achieve a better life balance | for a confidence boost | finding some direction

With Janine Rudin, who has worked with parents since 2002

£40 | 90 minutes

Appointments are available on:

Monday: 9am-12 | 1-3pm | from 4pm

Tuesday:  9am-12 | 1-3pm | from 4pm

Wednesday: from 4pm

Thursday: from 4pm

Friday: from 4pm

Saturday: 10am-1pm

Sunday: from 6pm

in North Shields

or I can come to your home (in Newcastle, Tyneside,
Northumberland, Gateshead, Durham and Sunderland) for an additional travel fee

To find out more and to book a session…