Taking the stress out of introducing solid food

The aim of the session is not to tell you what to do but to provide information, tips and ideas for introducing solids to ease any stress or anxiety. We will look at:

what is weaning?

how you can do it – purees, mush and baby-led

what can help and what you can expect

the practical stuff – equipment, mess and keeping it safe

Sessions are 2 hours long and only £15 – as with all my classes, there will be small groups with plenty of chat, tea and cake too.

You can come along if your baby is aged between 4 months (so you can prepare for when and how to start introducing solids)  and a year old.

To find out more or to book a place on weaning session, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Janine Rudin | Birth & Baby

 0788 577 4279

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