Potty training tips from parents



 Hazel – we went straight to pants, completely cold turkey and it worked for us. He got weeing cracked within about 3 days and it took about a month with poos but this way worked for us


Victoria – we did nappy-free time after dinner until bathtime to see what it was like to wee and poo without a nappy on. We were very open about going to the loo, telling her what we were doing so it became normal


Kristy – have a the potty out so they can sit on it  and use it when they want to. It can also be useful to let them come to the loo with you


Heather – use a sticker chart so they earn rewards


Tanya – lots of praise when they do it – using a reward chart can help as well. Ask them alot of they need the potty/toilet – don’t expect them to grasp it straight away


Jo – let them see you on the loo – that way it becomes normal


Michelle – Definitely don’t force it and don’t be afraid to go back to nappies. We tried again later and Zoe cracked it straight away


Alexia – Forcing your toddler to potty train before he is ready may result in a very unenjoyable experience for mum and babe – start talking to about it and take the lead from their signals – in my experience this is always the best way


Tania – Wait for your child to be ready. Just because someone else’s child is ready, it doesn’t mean yours is. Try it and if it doesn’t work, leave it for a couple of weeks or so


Rae – try not to compare your child to another, don’t sweat it, your child will crack it when they are ready. But expect some accidents well after they have stopped wearing nappies, that is completely normal


Melanie – wait until they are ready


Sarah – Accept that no tips or solutions are going to work if your child isn’t ready for it


Faye – don’t bother with pull ups – go straight to pants

Many mums also recommended Gina Ford’s Potty Training for tips and ideas for making potty training work for you



In addition to all of these tips, you can also try reading with your toddler and there are plenty of books about potty and toilet training










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