Getting Breastfeeding Established

Here are some basic tips to help you to  breastfeed your baby…

Ideally having lots of undisturbed skin to skin cuddles immediately after birth and during those first few days will help.

A few days of peace and quiet, just snuggling and feeding your baby will get you off to a good start.

Pillows and lots of them – a basic v shaped pillow or two can make a huge difference to how comfortable you can feel when feeding your baby.

Breastfeeding support if you need more help.

Drink lots of water and eat well.

Feeds can last at least 40 minutes so it can be important to choose a comfortable place for breastfeeding. How you sit in those early days is very important – it can help to sit as upright as possible, rather than slouching back because that makes it easier for you baby to slip off the breast. It can be very beneficial to hold your baby in a position that won’t make your arms and back ache. Before you begin to feed your baby check if you are comfortable and that you can relax your shoulders and your arms – chances are you won’t relax if you are uncomfortable and you can feel strain in your neck, back and arms.

If you know you are going to be feeding your baby for a while it can also be useful to have a drink, your phone and the TV remote control within reach.