New and young babies rarely sleep in one big stretch – they need human touch, interaction and food to grow, develop and to feel secure.

Rarely before 6 months can a baby sleep more than a handful of hours in one stretch but how many times your baby wakes up will vary depending on their need for food, comfort and security.

In the early weeks, your baby may have his days and nights reversed – it might feel like your baby settles and sleeps well during the day but wakes more and need you during the night. New babies are not used to a quiet environment – it’s very noisy in the womb – they feel secure when there is noise during the day and they may need you to make them feel secure at night when it is quiet.

There isn’t a great deal you can do about this but wait and ride it out. Although difference ways of interacting with your baby can help to reinforce the differences between night and day:

During the night

Offer reassurance, eye contact and a soothing voice to help baby feel safe and secure, while keeping the room dark, quiet and calm. Keep playing or excessive noise to a minimum and try to be relaxed rather than irritated or cross because babies pick up on this and it can make them even harder to settle.

During the day

You can interact with your baby as normal with noise, games, play, going out to different place and having fun in daylight.

As your baby grows, this can also help your baby to settle back to sleep again after a feed and a cuddle in the night.

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