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why do babies cry?

New and young babies are crying for your help – they have a need and crying is their only way of telling you.Your baby’s cry will raise your stress levels, that’s how they get a response and that is how they survive.

Everyone has an opinion about how to respond to a crying baby but you can’t go far wrong by listening to your baby, your instincts and a little bit of what the research tells you – if you respond to your baby and soothe him and pick him up when he needs comforting, you are not creating a clingy or spoilt child. Studies show that crying babies who are responded to cry much less when they are one.

Remember one thing –your young baby will not be manipulating you – they have needs, not wants and the only way to communicate is by crying.

Some babies cry more than others, 1in5 babies are highly sensitive and they are difficult to settle for the first few weeks. If you baby does have periods of being difficult to settle, this may cause a huge range of emotions, and few are positive:

  • Despair
  • Confusion
  • Rejection
  • Anger
  • Sadness

 If you are finding it difficult, it can be useful to get out and about to meet up with other mums and to talk about it because, the truth is that, babies are immature, they can’t be reasoned with and they can test your patience to its limit.



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