Diary of a fat lass: it’s making a difference

Since Sarah Millican shared my Standard Issue article, it has received so many positive and lovely comments about what I am trying. I’ve also received a couple of critical comments about the changes to my lifestyle – from a comment that obesity doesn’t cause health problems to another comment that what I am doing is not good enough – I should be working out harder.

The first point, I don’t agree with – I am making these changes because of health. Sugar and extra weight was making me ill and sluggish and at risk of other health problems.

The second criticism, I agree with to a point. I probably could workout harder, and maybe I will. But for now, walking and step workouts are working for me. It is slow progress but it is progress and I feel great.

I’ve lost another 2 inches from my waist and I definitely have more energy than I did a few weeks ago. Another benefit I have noticed already is my peri-menopausal/pmt symptoms seemed to have improved. I seem to be less bloated, less tired and marginally less irritable.

It could be so easy to just eat what I like and to continue like that for the rest of my life but I hadn’t realised until recently just how negative that was and how much I was taking for granted.  Popping chocolate in my mouth because I deserve a treat, eating cake instead of a meal because I’ve missed lunch and I’m starving and buying sugary, unhealthy snacks when I’m doing the shopping. These habits are changing – I still eat chocolate but it’s rare rather than daily now and I am thinking before I snack. I feel healthy, stronger and more positive and these changes have boosted my self esteem and how I feel about my body.

I guess I have woken up to the fact that my body is pretty brilliant – it has made 3 children and it has fed two of them; it works well and I need to look after it – to give it better fuel and exercise so it can continue to work well. I still need to do it my way and I am confident that it is working for me.

fat lass

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