Middle Age Health

Middle Age Health

where do I start with this? All of three are so important but somehow so difficult to focus on.

Most people seem to be so much better at this than me and it is the one area of my life that I really give myself a hard time over. I mean how hard can it be – eat well, more more. Pretty hard at times it would seem!

My entire life I have had weight issues, even though I look back at pictures of me as a kid and as a teenager when I wasn’t overweight but I was made to feel fat so I thought I was and then I was.

I am healthier now than when I was in my 20s – I don’t drink a lot, I eat fruit now, I exercise – but it still doesn’t feel enough.

Last year I started to focus on my health: Dairy of a Fat Lass and it has made a huge difference – I have lost weight and I do feel a bit fitter; I don’t treat myself with food anymore; I snack less; I walk more and I achieve 10-12,000 steps most days; I don’t skip meals; I don’t eat late in the day. So I have retrained much of my eating and exercise into more positive habits.

But I feel like I have plateaued and I need to refocus again.

My new aims are to lose some more weight and to get fitter and to be in better shape as I plod towards my 50s.

Time is a huge factor for me – as it is with most women, with most mothers – but I need a fresh look at exercise because walking is not quite enough anymore. I feel like I am ready to really move more but I need to find what else I want to do. And I really need to make the time for yoga!

And I need to have a fresh focus on food – I shouldn’t be eating wheat or dairy so that has to go and I can still snack on crap when I am at work so that has to stop too.

Finding what works best for me has been an important step but now it’s time for the next phase. Eat well, move more it is then…


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