Mother’s Day – chaos, appreciation and please let there be gin

For me Mother’s Day is a bit like Valentine’s Day – a little appreciation is lovely but please don’t forget to make an effort for the rest of the year! It can be a lovely day of treats and having some acknowledgement of all the mumming we do but it really is over-commercialised tosh – in America 133 million Mother’s Day cards are sent each year and there can be pressure to buy extravagant gifts too.

Personally I like a home-made card, a bunch of daffs and a slab of Cadburys. Pouring me a G&T or two goes down well also.

But it can also be a really difficult day. For women who are struggling with infertility, for mothers who have experienced loss and for children and adults alike who are grieving the loss of their mother, it can be a pretty cruel day.

For me, Mother’s Day will be what it always is – a day with my chaotic little family – I may get coffee in bed, I may not; I will probably get flowers and the children may pour me gin – for breakfast. It will be an enforced family day – where my two daughters have to suffer my company rather than disappearing off out with their mates. And I will also think about my baby boy because there is a huge space – and a missing pile of lego – where his 8-year-old self should be. 

Mother’s Day is also when I take a moment to appreciate being a mother, to appreciate having my children. When I acknowledge how lucky I am to have the challenges, the chaos and the juggling that comes with being a mum because that is life as my family and it’s all too precious and brief to wish away.


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