My dad

My dad was not my biological dad, he was my step-dad. He was the man who helped to raise me from the age of three.

He took me on, he loved me, he guided me, he invested time in me, he was proud of me and he wanted the very best for me. He was a good man and we may not have shared blood but we shared time, memories, love and a lot of laughs. He was my dad.

My dad died 5 years ago today – I had sat with him in hospital for 2 days after his heart attack. He was unconscious and we knew the end was coming soon. My world changed that day but I will be forever grateful for having him in my life – I learned so much from his fighting spirit, his kindness and his compassion but also his fierce independence. I am my father’s daughter.

He died holding my hand and that was such an honour.

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