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I have just found a diary I kept when I was pregnant with my first baby, 14 years ago. It’s funny to read it back and to have a reminder of some of the little details of my pregnancy…

I started the diary when I was about 8 weeks pregnant.

One of the sad things for me to look at now is that I was obsessed with calorie counting and there are detailed records of how many calories I have eaten and used due to walking and exercise. I don’t remember that at all but it was clearly of importance to me at the time.

9 weeks pregnant

“Had to buy maternity tights and big knickers”

“no longer feeling really sick”

“have had a stuffy nose for most of my pregnancy”


14 weeks pregnant

“booking in appointment at the hospital. Scary, couldn’t find baby’s heartbeat but all was well after a scan. Baby was on its tummy having a swim.”


18 weeks pregnant

“I can feel baby moving , feels like it is jumping up and down”


19 weeks pregnant

“so far we have Alice for a girl and Adam for a boy but that could change a million times between now and baby! Gary won’t decide until we see the baby.”


20 weeks pregnant

“wearing half and half maternity and normal clothes now!

“have put on 10lbs which I don’t think is that bad.”

“baby prefers lying the right of the bump”

“heartburn has started”


23 weeks pregnant

“I don’t want my belly to be touched”


24 weeks pregnant

“bought almost everything we need for the baby now. Happy because most of it was in the sale!”


25 weeks pregnant

“have a really strong feeling that baby will be early. Not too early I hope but early. We’ll see!”

“Baby non stop mover today”


26 weeks pregnant

“always hungry – trying to eat as healthily as I can”


27 weeks pregnant

“pretty sure we are having a boy”

“antacids are my new best friend”


30 weeks pregnant

“my boobs are leaking! Guess I really am having a baby and it’s not just blubber”


32 weeks pregnant

“the antenatal classes are great – helpful, friendly and we both enjoy going”

“belly button is almost out!”

“don’t think I’ve had a proper night’s sleep for a couple of months now. Feel exhausted.”


35 weeks pregnant

“very emotional, angry or in tears all the time”


36 weeks pregnant

“baby keeps sticking its leg out so it’s pointy and I can tickle it”


37 weeks pregnant

“I have had enough of being pregnant now, would be happy if baby came soon”


38 weeks pregnant

“I’ve lost some of my mucus plug”

“lost the rest of my plug”

“waters have broke”

“think I’m in labour”

“Alice is here”



And my diary continued for a few weeks after Alice was born…

13 days old: “have had baths twice a day since Alice was born” (I had a 2nd degree which was sore)

18 days old: “most people have seen my boobs now”

23 days old: “feel like I need a break – have bought breast pump”

31 days old: “starting to feel like there may be another baby at some point”

33 days old: “planning on getting G to help get Alice to bed soon”

36 days old: “trying to make an effort everyday to look and feel normal”

41 days old: “Alice needs to be in bed with us but feel like I need to stop it” (it didn’t)

52 days old: “Trying to make an effort to get out to meet other people”

53 days old: “Feel very down but a sleep and a stroll do make a difference”

60 days old: “Alice hates hats, socks, tights and mittens”

65 days old: “I keep checking that she’s breathing when she’s asleep”

66 days old: “I am able to leave Alice under her play gym for a few minutes and she doesn’t miss me!”

69 days old: “my head feels like it is full of jelly”

81 days old: “singing, reading and watching the Tweenies”

83 days old: “fancy running my own baby group” (ha!)

84 days old: “there is no harder job than being a mother”

88 days old: “I don’t know if I am a good mother but I am doing my best”


Looking back on it now it gives me a little glimpse into how tough I found it  and how lost I was at times. But it’s also lovely to see that I wanted to run my own baby group – I always wanted something informal and supportive, something which was sadly lacking when I first became a mum. 


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