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An ode to school day mornings, to the tune of Blur’s Parklife…
Confidence is a luxury for the father of two
In what is known as
Dad’s Life
And morning tantrums can be avoided
If you take a route straight past what is known as
Dad’s Life
Dad’s got school run again, I get intimidated
By the yummy mummies, they love a bit of chatter
Dad’s Life
What’s my wife doing now?
You should do less breakfast meetings love, get some parenting in

All the whingeing
So much whingeing
They both go turn by turn
Turn by turn through their
Kids Life
Know what I mean?
I get up when I want, except everyday
When I get rudely awakened by “Daaadddyy”
Dad’s Life
I change a nappy, dress the eldest
And I think about (the million of things to do before) leaving the house
Dad’s Life
I feed the kids, I sometimes brush their hair too
That gives me a sense of enormous achievement
Dad’s Life
And then I’m sorted, for the next five minutes, safe in the knowledge
That’s it’s all only a phase
All the screaming
So much screaming
And I start to go quite quite mad
Quite quite mad through my Dad’s Life
Dad’s Life
It’s got nothing to do with your
Sleep-training techniques you know
And it’s not about you fuckers
Who go on and on and on about sticker charts
Dad’s Life
All the laughter
So much laughter
As we all go hand in hand
Hand in hand to their school life
steve mayes
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